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Do you snore? Are you always tired?

Home Sleep Studies Australia provides a diagnostic sleep study and CPAP treatment service to patients (18+) in their own home.



Key benefits include:

  • We come to you!
  • Deal directly with an experienced sleep scientist
  • Hospital quality sleep studies with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations provided by a Sleep and Respiratory Physican without a specialist consultation or overnight hospital stay
  • Hire and sales of CPAP - see www.cpap.com.au (full service at best prices!)
  • Mail order sleep studies to most locations in Australia

Call 1300 HOME SLEEP (10am-9pm Vic time 7 days or 0414 337 864) for a free phone consultation with an experienced Sleep Scientist.

We also provide a sleep study reporting service totreatment clinics throughout
Australia. They can upload their sleep studies here using "Add Folder":

Important Disclaimer: Information received from this website, emails or phone is of a general nature only. Please consult a medical practitioner for specific medical advice. 

Can it be done in my home?
What treatments are available?

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call Chris on 0414 337 864 or 1300 HOME SLEEP

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